Wireless Charging iphone

iphone straight through imageNew iPhones

I just seen the new iPhone models on the net. Expensive, as usual but what eye was that all three models offer wireless charging.

Whenever Apple introduce a feature like that they like to make it exclusive and incompatible with everything else that’s around. This means they can charge a premium for it, every iphone disciple will buy and Apple has happy share holders. Well not this time.

Qi Standard for Wireless Charging

I’m glad to say that this is not the case with the new iPhone wireless charging models. They all use the defacto Qi standard. Which is really great news. This means any Qi compatible charging pad will work.

Most new cars come with a phone slot in the dash. And these will almost certainly have a Qi charging capability built in. So now charging the phone is just so simple and no wires to connect. Very neat.

What about Existing iphones

But there are those amongst us that have the older models and there’s nothing wrong with them. Do uou have to upgrade to use this cool wireless charging feature?

Will the good news is “no”. You don’t have to upgrade your phone. Just buy a simple kit, like the ones here wireless charger for the iphone

iphone chargingSimple

These simple kits consist of a flat plate, like a credit card size but slightly thinner. And a lead. The lead has a connector which plugs into the charging port of the iPhone and the flat part folds over against the back of the phone and sticks to it.

Takes just one minute to do ( If you’re slow ). Once done you can rest your iPhone on any Qi compatible charging pad and it starts charging right away.

Get more charge pads

The great thing as well is that these charging pads aren’t that expensive, especially when compared to a new iPhone. So you can buy a few of them and place them around your home or office. Get into the habit of always placing your phone on a pad and you’ll always grab a charged phone on your way out or when you’re in a hurry.

Best Light Tent

Light tent ToySo Why Use a Photographers Light Tent

I’m sometimes asked why I use a light tent, also called a photographic box, for taking photos?

Well most of my photos are to support my eBay business. I sell lots of gear and it’s all quite small items. But what I’ve found, consistently, over the years is that a picture is worth a thousand words. And in the world of eBay, people drop in and take a look. When they “stop by” and see a great image of the product, then you’ve got a potential customer and your sales pitch will do the rest.

Take Good Images, Isn’t Hard

So the image is the bait that lures the potential customer. That’s why it’s so important and that’s why I learned that the image is key in selling. People really do skip the “back alley” type photographs, often flat image that dissolve into a badly lit background.

Taking good images puts you in front of the competition and it’s not hard to do. And it still surprises me how few sellers do it. If you don’t take great images you’re just sending your potential customers somewhere else. How bad is that?

Light tent pendentLight Tent Basics

So what’s this light tent thing and what’s so good about it anyway? Well, it’s all about control, you control the image, the lighting and reflections. Basically you create a desirable image a thing that the customer wants to possess, has to possess. You do all this through a photo. Because we’re such visual creatures and that means we respond to images. It’s the way we’re wired. So you want to tap into this, big time.

And the really good news is, it’s so easy. Get a light tent, like the ones here best selling light tent

The sides of the tent are translucent, which means your lighting, through the tent will be soft and even. Because the object, you’re photographing is inside this tent, reflections are almost completely removed. The result is an image that looks expensive, classy. And when put up against a selfie smart phone type image, your’s will win every time.

If you’re an eBay marketer, then get yourself a light tent and make some seriously good profit. It’ll pay for itself in the first week.

How to set up and use your light tent

Camping in big tents

two tents pitched on a moutain passCamping

Camping used to be for hardy folks but anymore. It’s probably one of the most underrated ways to enjoy our country. There’s something magical about setting up and being around a camp file and the quietness and solitude of being outdoors.

The alternative is a big motorhome, drive to a location park for a few days then drive somewhere else. But that’s too modern. No, the whole point of going camping is to feel part of nature, hiking and just dealing with everything mother nature has install for us.

The right gear is important too and we’ve found several sites that can help you as you set off of you wild American adventure. There’s also lots of camping sites, these are great if you’re not quite ready to go into the wilderness alone and want the backup and services, shower facilities that are supplied by most modern campsites.

Large tent and camper vanWhat Size Tent

We recommend a tent for eight people when you party is 4, 5 or 6 members strong. These tents tend to be well made and it means you’ll get extra storage to and keep everything stored inside. They’re also big enough to stand up in. More details can be found here best 8 person tent available today.

One great recommendation to do before going camping, is to plan ahead. There’s quite a lot of things to think about and if this is your first camping holiday then you need a guide. This site is a fantastic resource and will help you get off to the right start.

We would all like to go camping when its warm and sunny and it doesn’t get too cold at night. But campers have to be prepared for almost everything. One of the most enjoyable parts of camping is the weather. And having the right clothes and a change of clothes is most advisable. You’ll find more details of what to take here.

Above all enjoy yourself.

Hello Event World

large event setupWe’re starting this website to inform others how to set up, manage and control events that they might be arranging. Events range from to small and cosy to large and corporate, we’ll be covering them all over the coming months and years.

We’ll also cover those family events such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc. As these take more planning if you intend to entertain larger parties or turn them into a big family bash. They take time to organise, plan and not forgetting the time to clear up (finish off) at the end of the event.

Our experience is at the corporate level but we also cater for large functions such as 100 person plus barbecues, bar mitzvahs, Christmas parties. And although these tend to be on a grand scale we’ve found that the same planning elements occur in the smallest of events and that’s where our expertise lies. And this is what we’re be sharing with our readers as we get going.

The sort of features we’ll be adding are; Todo lists to help with the planning stages. Great places to hire all sorts of things that you’ll need and how to get the best deals. Great web sites that cater for events, big and small, sites that we use.

We always strive to set up the perfect event but despite the best planning, something always goes wrong, breaks down or you’ll let down at the last minute. This happens all too frequently, even to the best professionals and usually on the day, within an hour or two of the event starting. The answer to these crisis’s is contingency planning – “what if” scenarios. This is why planning is so vital but not difficult if you build it into you plan. We’ll show you how.

So stay tuned, bookmark our page and come back often.