Hello Event World

large event setupWe’re starting this website to inform others how to set up, manage and control events that they might be arranging. Events range from to small and cosy to large and corporate, we’ll be covering them all over the coming months and years.

We’ll also cover those family events such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc. As these take more planning if you intend to entertain larger parties or turn them into a big family bash. They take time to organise, plan and not forgetting the time to clear up (finish off) at the end of the event.

Our experience is at the corporate level but we also cater for large functions such as 100 person plus barbecues, bar mitzvahs, Christmas parties. And although these tend to be on a grand scale we’ve found that the same planning elements occur in the smallest of events and that’s where our expertise lies. And this is what we’re be sharing with our readers as we get going.

The sort of features we’ll be adding are; Todo lists to help with the planning stages. Great places to hire all sorts of things that you’ll need and how to get the best deals. Great web sites that cater for events, big and small, sites that we use.

We always strive to set up the perfect event but despite the best planning, something always goes wrong, breaks down or you’ll let down at the last minute. This happens all too frequently, even to the best professionals and usually on the day, within an hour or two of the event starting. The answer to these crisis’s is contingency planning – “what if” scenarios. This is why planning is so vital but not difficult if you build it into you plan. We’ll show you how.

So stay tuned, bookmark our page and come back often.