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Light tent ToySo Why Use a Photographers Light Tent

I’m sometimes asked why I use a light tent, also called a photographic box, for taking photos?

Well most of my photos are to support my eBay business. I sell lots of gear and it’s all quite small items. But what I’ve found, consistently, over the years is that a picture is worth a thousand words. And in the world of eBay, people drop in and take a look. When they “stop by” and see a great image of the product, then you’ve got a potential customer and your sales pitch will do the rest.

Take Good Images, Isn’t Hard

So the image is the bait that lures the potential customer. That’s why it’s so important and that’s why I learned that the image is key in selling. People really do skip the “back alley” type photographs, often flat image that dissolve into a badly lit background.

Taking good images puts you in front of the competition and it’s not hard to do. And it still surprises me how few sellers do it. If you don’t take great images you’re just sending your potential customers somewhere else. How bad is that?

Light tent pendentLight Tent Basics

So what’s this light tent thing and what’s so good about it anyway? Well, it’s all about control, you control the image, the lighting and reflections. Basically you create a desirable image a thing that the customer wants to possess, has to possess. You do all this through a photo. Because we’re such visual creatures and that means we respond to images. It’s the way we’re wired. So you want to tap into this, big time.

And the really good news is, it’s so easy. Get a light tent, like the ones here best selling light tent

The sides of the tent are translucent, which means your lighting, through the tent will be soft and even. Because the object, you’re photographing is inside this tent, reflections are almost completely removed. The result is an image that looks expensive, classy. And when put up against a selfie smart phone type image, your’s will win every time.

If you’re an eBay marketer, then get yourself a light tent and make some seriously good profit. It’ll pay for itself in the first week.

How to set up and use your light tent