Wireless Charging iphone

iphone straight through imageNew iPhones

I just seen the new iPhone models on the net. Expensive, as usual but what eye was that all three models offer wireless charging.

Whenever Apple introduce a feature like that they like to make it exclusive and incompatible with everything else that’s around. This means they can charge a premium for it, every iphone disciple will buy and Apple has happy share holders. Well not this time.

Qi Standard for Wireless Charging

I’m glad to say that this is not the case with the new iPhone wireless charging models. They all use the defacto Qi standard. Which is really great news. This means any Qi compatible charging pad will work.

Most new cars come with a phone slot in the dash. And these will almost certainly have a Qi charging capability built in. So now charging the phone is just so simple and no wires to connect. Very neat.

What about Existing iphones

But there are those amongst us that have the older models and there’s nothing wrong with them. Do uou have to upgrade to use this cool wireless charging feature?

Will the good news is “no”. You don’t have to upgrade your phone. Just buy a simple kit, like the ones here wireless charger for the iphone

iphone chargingSimple

These simple kits consist of a flat plate, like a credit card size but slightly thinner. And a lead. The lead has a connector which plugs into the charging port of the iPhone and the flat part folds over against the back of the phone and sticks to it.

Takes just one minute to do ( If you’re slow ). Once done you can rest your iPhone on any Qi compatible charging pad and it starts charging right away.

Get more charge pads

The great thing as well is that these charging pads aren’t that expensive, especially when compared to a new iPhone. So you can buy a few of them and place them around your home or office. Get into the habit of always placing your phone on a pad and you’ll always grab a charged phone on your way out or when you’re in a hurry.